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Spotsylvania, VA Listing for $330K!

February 09, 20232 min read

"We have now turned this lead into a short sale listing. Thanks!!"
-Client Feedback Received February 1, 2023


The Spotsylvania soil is rich with history and is one of Virginia's fastest growing counties. This is attributed to its beneficial location that is midway between metropolitan Washington, D.C., and Richmond. Today's case study is about a lead who lives in Spotsylvania, VA and wants to make a quick sale on their home.

Our team member Emily connected with this lead twice to validate their interest in selling. She rated the lead based on their motives for selling and timeline. Here are the notes that she took, leading up to the next step of setting an appointment with one of our clients.

Leadspring Notes

Rating: 8

Reason: Motivated to sell as soon as possible.

Timeframe: 60 days. No realtor.


Jarrad and his wife want to sell their house and get out of debt. There is a foundation issue and they do not have the money to fix it so it would have to be sold as is. It is not that expensive of a repair. The house is new and in excellent condition. They are doing cosmetic touch ups. Their time frame is 60 days. They do not have a realtor.

3 bed. 2 baths, 1552 sq ft,  2 acre lot, built in 2007.


It sounded like this lead was in a tight situation. Selling their home would be crucial to getting them out of debt and free of any more financial related issues. The house needs work, but in their current financial state they could not afford these repairs. The house would sell as is and our client gave them the best possible outcome, making this a short sale listing.

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