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Belton, TX Listing for 275K!

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March 16, 20232 min read

"Great lead. They signed the listing agreement and we are going live on the sale of their house tomorrow. Thank you!"
-Client Feedback


When it comes to selling something of high value to you, such as your home, the ability to trust the Real Estate Agent plays a critical role. This lead was seeking help finding a Realtor they could trust to handle the selling of their home. Upon our first screening, they gave us a glimpse into their current situation and the condition of their home. When our team had their second confirmation call, they were able to give this lead the green light for this being a valuable listing lead that one of our agent's would have success with! Keep reading to learn more details of this lead and our client's success story.

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David (last name redacted) has put plans in place to move out of State. You will be contacting him just as he has returned from an undisclosed location. He will be going away this week to check out the place. He also said he has not been actively seeking to sell his home, yet we called at a good time because he has been out looking for places and he said that an offer of $295k cash would definitely be enough to get him to where he wants to be.

The property is an owner occupied 3 bd 2 ba 1500 sq ft single family home. David would like to sell while the market supports what he’d like to get. Timeline market dependent. David trusts few realtors, so when you meet with him for the listing appointment he'll want to know you're the type of agent who works for the seller's best interests. He’s open to trusting you as his realtor and he is not working anyone.

Appt has been set up on your Calendly already.
Property Details: 1993 SFH: 3 bd 2 ba 1500 sq ft on 5,850 sq ft lot (he said it is a double lot).


Our client gained this homeowner's confidence with their level of professionalism and knowledge of the market. Their timeline was all dependant on the status of the market. This seemed to be in their favor because our client let us know they signed the listing agreement and were officially listing this house the next day! This is exactly the outcome we predicated!

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