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Fairdale, KY Listing for $200K!

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February 14, 20232 min read

"I booked an in-person appointment. That will allow us to talk in more details about the property and process."
-Client Feedback Received January 26, 2023


This Fairdale home for sale looked like a fairytale of a listing for one of our clients. Although it was a small home, there was a charm to it that would make this lead have great potential with one of our agents. The homeowner was ready to sell so she could move into senior housing.

After double confirming with this lead, one of our team members rated this lead an 8 out of 10 due to the preparations they had taken to get their house ready for the market, and no realtor was involved yet.

Leadspring Notes

Rating: 8
Reason: Senior needs to sell to move into senior living.

Timeframe: 3-6 months. No realtor.


Lisa has her name in at senior housing and she is down to number 18. She wants to be ready to sell as soon as she gets the news that she can move in. She thinks that will be 3-6 months. Everything is ready to be listed. She has renovated the house and it is freshly painted. She has lived there for six years. She has not talked to a realtor.

3 bed, 2 bath, 1378 sq ft, .44 acre lot.


This case study is what we like to call a "Don't judge a listing lead by the numbers". Some Real Estate Agent's prefer to only work with higher sale listings. Which of course makes for a great payday, but the true fulfillment of being a Real Estate Agent comes from helping families transition to a new chapter of life. This specific story is more than a new chapter. It is a part of sensitive point of someone's life where they may feel more vulnerable as they are getting ready to transition to senior living and housing. It is important for them to work with Realtors who have true heart and passion in their work.

We proudly work with Real Estate Agents who have exactly those qualities!

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