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Lebanon, OH Listing for $250K!

February 01, 20233 min read

"I met with the seller, she is very nice and would like to take care of things. Listing appointment 1/19."
-Client Feedback Received January 20, 2023


This case study is about an elderly woman who wants to downsize. After her husband passed, she realized that she was not fully able to handle the property alone. She was unfamiliar with technology and would need someone who was able to meet her where she was at. Her Real Estate Agent would be helping to get her into a smaller home or condo that was better suited for her lifestyle.

Our team member Amanda double confirmed and took comprehensive notes for our client to get everything set for this lead. Listed below are the exact notes we sent to an agent in her area.

Leadspring Notes

Rating: 8
Reason: Sell to buy. Elder downsizing. Timeline: 1-4 months. No realtor.

*** DOUBLE CONFIRMED phone call LISTING APPT BOOKED for MONDAY JANUARY 16th 2023 at 2:00 PM ***

Pauline (last name redacted) is 85 years old and she is interested to learn what her home is worth in today's market because she is looking for an apartment that has two bedrooms because she is old and her property is too much for her to manage.

The property has 3 beds, 1 bath, well kept, has a garage, roof is 12 years old and has no leaks, has two fireplaces, two small dining rooms, large sitting room, but no updates recently and has owned it since 1967.

The house is paid for. She was looking around at apartments and was shocked to learn that they are $1800/mo (expensive). She has no mortgage payments right now. If she can use the proceeds from her sale to buy her smaller home then that would be ideal. She would like to stay in the area. She was thinking that she’d like to buy a condo. She would like to talk with you about this. She is interested to know if you can get a good price for her house.

1960 yr, 3 BR 1 BA, 1080 sq ft on a 9,931 square foot lot
Corner lot , Ranch style home, No basement.

She does not use email so the email address on this form is not valid. She accepts text messages. You can text her. Her husband passed away and he used to do all that computer stuff for her. She does not have a computer.


Given the fact that this lead has owned the house for many years and it is paid off, there is no doubt that the net of the sale will be able to help her afford what she is looking for whether it be a condo or smaller home. Being a widow, it was important that she works with a Real Estate Agent whom she can fully trust to guide her through a well ordered sale and transition.

That's where we came in! The Leadspring team was happy to support this lead in getting them connected with one of our clients who would surely take great care of her.

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