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Louisville, KY Listing for 500K!

March 02, 20232 min read

"I am meeting with them in person 2/10 to discuss the process and actual value."
-Client Feedback Received February 9, 2023


The first time we connected with this lead, we learned she was definitely in need of selling her home. The owner of this home was unsure if she would be renting or buying next, but she knew she needed to find a place that had one floor, where as she was 75 years old and stairs were becoming more difficult.

The second time we contacted this lead to double confirm, it was clear that she was certain on selling and wanted to learn what the value of her home was.

Leadspring Rating & Notes

Rating: 7
Reason: Downsizing and staying in town. Definitely selling.

Timeline: Spring/Summer 2023. No realtor yet.

*** DOUBLE CONFIRMED phone call LISTING APPT BOOKED for WED FEB 8th 2023 at 10:30 AM EST ***

Danna (last name redacted) is 75 yrs old and she would like to sell her primary residence so she can downsize. She is in the midst of getting rid of things and decluttering. She would like to buy a smaller home that has no stairs. Her current home is on 2 levels and her knees aren’t handling the stairs very well anymore. She will be staying in town. Her children and grandkids live there.

She hasn't decided if she'll buy or rent next. She would like to go over her options with a realtor. She had another realtor call her and she has not made a commitment to anyone yet. Expectation: She said that most of the homes around the area goes for $520k.

Property Details:
SFH: 2007 yr, 4 BR 3.5 BA, 2,522 sq ft on 0.29 Acres.

The property is in very good condition and she has lived there for 15 years now. The roof was replaced about 5 years ago. The basement has 850 sq ft of finished living space.
NB: She likes Reeses Pieces and her name is pronounced Dan-uh. She's a very nice person.


Our team took the time to get to know this lead, her home, the property and even some small fun facts about her. We help our Real Estate Agent's not only find leads, but give them the keys to unlock genuine connections and add a personalized touch to the process.

We offer Real Estate Agent's this same opportunity to receive double confirmed listing leads like this all over the country!

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